3 Training Lessons You Won’t Learn In Obedience School

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dog training lessons

Most pet parents know that the key to a happy, fulfilling life for you and your dog is to engage in some form of training. There are even some obedience schools set up across the country designed to help you learn the basics of dog training and help your pup learn a few basic commands. Many people faithfully attend then … Read More

Help! My Dog Snores!

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my dog snores

Featured image credit: Jamie Lacey-Moreira, one of our awesome Facebook fans, was nice enough to share her precious dog Zophie with us. My bed partner snores. He didn’t always snore. In fact, when we first got together he would only snore if he was sick or “really, really tired.” But over the years his deep breathing has changed to a … Read More

How Light Up Dog Leashes Can Make Nighttime Walks Safer

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light up dog leash

With the long, winter months winding down we can start enjoying more sunlight during the evening. However, that does not mean we always have the luxury of walking our dogs during daylight hours. Many people don’t think twice about strolling through the streets at night with their dog, counting on cars and motorcycles to see both of them before a … Read More

Senior Dog, Senior Diet

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old dog diet

Featured image credit: Matt Halpern, one of our Facebook fans, was nice enough to share his handsome dog Tyson with us. It’s no big secret that as humans age, we can no longer eat the way we did in our teens and twenties. In fact, it’s a wonder any of us survive the steady stream of energy drinks and fast … Read More

Mary & Secret Put on an AMAZING Show!

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mary secret dog video

Teaching your dog to sit, stay, or even roll over is hard enough. This dynamic duo has mastered tasks that would otherwise seem unachievable! It’s incredible how smart this cute pup is. Just check out the video for yourself: Video Credit: Radio One Lebanon & my_aussie_gal

Dog Bite Prevention: How to talk to kids about dogs

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dog bite prevention kids

According to the American Veterinary Medicine Association, 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog every year in the US. Almost 1 in 5 require some form of medication attention and half of all people bitten are children. So you’ll want to talk to your children about how they should interact with dogs. By helping children understand dog behavior, we … Read More

How to Navigate Cold & Flu Season for Dogs

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baxter shih tzu cold flu season dogs

Featured image credit: Marcia Cady, one of our Facebook fans, was nice enough to share her adorable dog Baxter with us. We are in the height of cold and flu season. Chances are you have noticed the tickle in the back of your throat or blown your nose one too many times at some point this winter. But while you had … Read More

3 Homemade Treats Your Dog Will Love

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homemade dog treats

You may not have noticed, but last year alone there were at least 9 dog food recalls. Just last week, Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food issued a voluntary recall because the euthanasia drug, Penobarbital was found in several cans. In fact, the price we pay for convenience as pet parents we often sacrifice in quality of ingredients and peace of … Read More

Getting To Know You: 3 Ways Bringing Home a Rescue is Like Moving In On a First Date

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bringing home rescue dog

Featured image credit: Erinne O’Brien, one of our Facebook fans, was nice enough to share her adorable dogs with us. You see each other across a crowded room. Almost immediately you feel a connection. You smile, they smile. You saunter over to where they are sitting and introduce yourself. “Hi.” You are greeted with a whine, then a nudge. This is … Read More